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Your Psychic Abilities Are Ranked… UNDETERMINED

Psychic Quiz - UndeterminedYou scored within the second lowest category of the free psychic ability test, earning a rank of “undetermined”.

What this means is that it’s not likely that you have discovered your in-born psychic abilities.  Again, I need to mention that this test operates on the assumption that every human being has a psychic ability somewhere within them.  For the most part, there is little chance that you will further develop your psychic abilities without effort.  However, there were some small glimmers of possibility that suggest – if you are serious and dedicated to growing your inherent ability – you can move up in the psychic abilities spectrum.

Undetermined can also mean that chance and statistical data plays a factor potentially overestimating or underestimating your psychic abilities.  I suggest you practise some meditation methods and allow yourself the opportunity to contemplate your own psychic future.  This may well be the very start of your personal psychic journey!   It should be noted that I have known people who’ve tested in this category in similar tests only to see them flourish in the psychic arts and rapidly develop their abilities.  So take that in the spirit of encouragement that even scoring low on the psychic barometer bears no reflection on your future!  Good Luck!

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