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Free Online Psychic Test

Psychic Ability TestsHere’s your chance to use the free online psychic test and discover if you have psychic abilities!

This psychic test was extensively designed with the help of several of my closest, most trusted psychic friends.  This test is a variation of the obscure Schlitz-Heigler Psychic Abilities Examination.  We’ve worked for several months wording each of the questions in such a way to produce accurate results.  This is a one of a kind psychic test.  And while there is always a percentage margin of error, you’ll find the accuracy far above most conventional psychic tests.  It is by no means exhaustive as we wanted it to to brief and simply determine where – along the scale – are you in respect to discovering your inherent psychic ability.  This test operates on the premise that every human being is psychic to a degree.

Psychic Abilities Quiz


Do you have a keen sense of smell?

When your telephone or cell phone rings, you...?

Would you say that you...?

Do you experience déjà-vu?

Are you the type of person who - when lost - will...?

When you’re having a bad day, do you...?

In a crisis situation, do you typically...?

When playing games of chance or lottery games, do you...?

In any first impression encounter with a person or situation, are you...?

Are you really good with babies?

When you dream, what best describes your experience?

How would you describe the way you think and reason?

Which do you prefer?

Which of these would you identify yourself with?

When it comes to your perceived psychic ability, do you...?

Enter your name and a valid email address in order to receive your results and learn just how close you are to realizing your psychic potential!

Your Test Results
At the end of our free online psychic test, you will be redirected to a detailed explaination of your results.

There are 6 potential categories that your result will fall into (which will be described in greater detail at the conclusion and tabulation of your test results):







Without further ado... good luck!

What Makes This Psychic Ability Quiz Different?
You've no doubt seen hundreds of so-called psychic tests online.  This psychic quiz is unique because we've engineered every word on the quiz to evoke an impulse to answer.  Some questions seem obvious, but the scoring on the answers would surprise you.  It's a matter of trying to separate "wanting" to believe you have discovered your psychic ability over the actual "having" discovered it.  Some questions will seem bizarre.  Others will force you to choose between two or more similar answers.  It's important to clear you head, and answer honestly, impulsively, and NOT over-think the question or answer.  Be honest with yourself and you'll get accurate results.  Also, part of the meticulous work involved in this project included weighting the questions differently.  Some questions were assigned a greater value than others.  Overall, we feel confident that we've developed an excellent psychic test and tool.  It's easy, simple, and accurate!