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Useful information and articles about all aspects of psychic and tarot arts are just a starting point.  Whether your interest is strictly for entertainment value or a hobby or as major guide in your life choices, it helps for you to have some tools in your belt.  Most often you’ll probably consult professional psychics and spiritual guides.  But if you want to try your hand at learning and mastering the craft  yourself, or at the very least educating yourself in preparation for a reading with a practicing psychic, than this pages has all  you need to get started!

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Resources, Tools, & Free Stuff

  • Free Psychic Quiz

    Our world-famous psychic abilities test is free, easy, and fast. If you have even the slightest thought that you may be psychic, take the Free Online Psychic Test today!
  • Free Rune Fonts

    Runes are mysterious letter phrase symbols that were used to communicate in writing long before the Latin and modern alphabets. Runes operate similarly to tarot where meaning can be divined through specific rune symbols. Learn more about Runes and Runestone Symbols here. You can also download 12 Rune Fonts absolutely FREE.
  • Free Printable Tarot Cards

    Tarot Card decks can be quite expensive. Even the cheapest decks are not cheap. If you're a beginner to these arts and need to practice the art of tarot as you learn, I'm pleasure to offer you a 100% free printable tarot card deck. Now there's no excuse to get started.
  • Free Tarot Card eBook

    The Pictorial Key To The Tarot by A.E. Waited is the definitive classic starting point for tarot exploration and understanding. I'm pleased to send you a copy of this classic as an eBook (PDF) format. To prevent abuse of this valuable free gift, the only thing I ask is that you have a genuine interest in the tarot arts. To demonstrate that, just sign up for my newsletter and in subsequent email mailings you'll receive your FREE copy of the book! Thank you!
  • Live Psychic Reading

    I've been asked over and over for psychic readings. I'm not a discovered psychic meaning that while I love all things psychic and tarot, I have not actually developed my own person psychic ability to the point that I could do readings. However, these folks have. If you're interesting in having your own special readings done, I even have a promotional coupon code that you'll see after you click this link. There's no obligation. It's free to try. But for a proper psychic reading where you can also save $10 Off Online Psychic Reading click the link.