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Galaxy's exist - why not psychics

Actual Photograph of distant Galaxy NGC-586

Ode To The Skeptics is a labour of love!   I wish I could say that I was blessed with the psychic gift.  But unfortunately, my gifts are in other areas.  However, I’ve been a long time fan, hobbyist, and enthusiast in the psychic and tarot card arts.  I’ve witnessed firsthand the unexplained miracles truly gifted psychics perform and their uncanny ability to guide you in future decisions and out of bad situations.  The spectrum for belief in psychic ability isn’t the perversely rigid ‘black or white’.  Indeed, the very nature of this mystical belief and practice lies in the grey area.  As it should.

Professional Psychics and Tarot Readers won’t give you all the answers.  But they will give you more questions that will help you find the answers.  They may not provide all the facts about current and future events.  But there’s enough there that isn’t just skilled human observation and lucky guesses.  If that were all it was, how is it possible that psychics have helped police investigations, warned people in crisis (before they were even aware they were in crisis), found lost pets and items, and revealed personal facts and details about people that their own family and friends never knew!  In fact in many cases, the revealed knowledge eluded the subjects themselves!

The skeptics will point to the fraudsters.  And they are right.  There are a lot of them.  There are some charlatans that are easier to spot than others.  But there’s also the “real” psychics.  The ones who do have a deep and profound connection with another level and perceptive ability beyond the reach of most of us.  And let’s not be so quick to knock this as hogwash.   There are people strong enough to lift cars – proven.  There are people who experience better than 20-20 vision or higher frequency hearing – proven.  So why wouldn’t someone be able to be more deeply perceptive on the inner mind than others?   And that I do truly believe.

To the skeptics, I say why not?  Why is it so hard to accept that this may be possible?

My final thought on this matter is this:  I am an amateur astronomy and space sciences buff.  As a young boy, I enjoyed science-fiction and real life astronomy.  As a teenager, I voraciously devoured knowledge, information, discoveries, books, and new theories on celestial wonders.  And in adulthood, it never ceased to amaze me  just how spectacular our universe really is.

Actually it’s so spectacular, if you read everything I have, you’d agree that the universe is actually pretty darned crazy.  And way outside of the realm of reality – at least the way that WE know reality.  Does all this sound familiar?  Can you guess the point I am making?

If you really delve deep into the books, you’ll see just how bizarre the concept of the big bang singularity is, not to mention black holes, warped spacetime, relativity, the chaotic impossibility of being two places at once in the world of quantum mechanics.  If that’s not enough, let’s go to pulsars, dark matter, dark energy, gamma ray bursts, black  holes in the center of nearly EVERY galaxy, and the crazy temperment of anti-matter.  I could go on and on.  To most these are just words, but when you learn about these concepts, they seem so unbelievable and so unimagineable, that it would be impossible for any logical human being to declare any of this as fact.  And yet… it is fact.  Everything I’ve mentioned is a proven fact that has been proven mathematically, and in many cases, empirically.  These bizarre phenomenon exists in our bizarre and strange universe.  Some other wonders like wormholes and higher dimensions are pretty well accepted as fact mathematically but not yet proven by observation – much like how all the other factual phenomena began before “maturing” into accepted fact.  So….

We humans scurry around on this little tiny planet in the big wide solar system in the big wide galaxy in the big wide galaxy cluster in the big wide universe.  And we have the audacity to just shrug off and dismiss something as “bizarre” as psychic abilities?

I don’t think so.

I believe that there is more to this world than what we can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.  The universe happily churns along with galaxies devouring each other, magnetars ripping space with their awesome magnetic fields, and neuron stars spinning furiously fast with a density so large that a spoonful of material would have more mass than many Earths combined!

Now, I’ll ask you: what’s more unbelievable?

Psychics, Tarot Readers, numerologists, astrologers, and yes even skeptics… enjoy and the information within.  I will be continually updating the site with great and exciting features, articles, free gifts and more.  Please bookmark us on social pages and joing our RSS feed and email newsletter.  The bigger we make this community, the better….

Wishing you good things and good karma, and abovel all… an open mind,

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Andrew Rotta